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  • I Took Myself Out For Lunch for Cinco De Mayo

    It was really nice. I know it doesn’t celebrate the culture of origin of cinco de Mayo, completely wrong geographic representation, but you know what, I wasn’t feeling tacos.

    I was hungry and angry and I had my heart set on Asian street food. But I couldn’t find the place I was looking for. I even turned around and went back a different direction.

    Having had enough of that struggle, I saw the name Dragon Bowl on the gps. Decided on there.

    In spite of myself

    I become indecisive. Winging it… it was kinda okay. I chose ramen noodles with seared tofu, shoots, spinach, green onions and cucumber. Man it was super delicious.

    I took this picture of my meal. It was a little pricey, but currently, everything is pricey everywhere just about. Regardless, it was lovely.

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