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Welcome to BeaversDen – General Media. Please feel free to navigate the site and explore what we have to offer.

Mission Statement

BeaversDen is a media company growing to the level of LLC Agency. Our mission is to facilitate contractual services to small businesses from entrepreneurial side hustles, to micro businesses and up to small businesses at corporate expansion.

What we do is advertise your business and or product and manipulate your ad spend to optimize your ad display and search results. We put you in contact with businesses that can help you, buying or selling, you name it, BeaversDen is your best bet for agent representation. At low profit. Whatever you spend on your campaign, the fee is just 10%. There are many ways we advertise, and many ways we can market your business.

And while we build your business, we make sure to monitor your public relations such as your reviews, rants and raves, your reputation and if you end up in hot water, even restitution.

To recap, BeaversDen does all kinds of campaigns from advertising to marketing to public relations. There are various lengths of campaigns that are tailored to your needs and your budget; that are reached in the preproduction phase and quite possible during the onboarding process. There are no campaigns too small or short. We prefer low budget and low profit campaigns. And that’s the belief that sets BeaversDen apart from the rest.

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