Self Reflection

Truth is: Everyone you have ever met is a manipulator. If you’re in any kind of relationship albeit love, family, work, friends… EVERYONE wants something FROM you and expects you to deliver. Sometimes demands it and produces ultimatums. Even YOU. You have expectations and YOU want things from people, albeit positive vibes, a good time, money, sex, someone to listen to YOU, some encouragement and emotional support or financial support, YOU NAME IT. Nobody will tell you that honestly with the bottom line of what they are after. And if I jump to the bottom line of what I’m after, nobody wants to hang out or have sex with or even be around me… that’s just me though. Everyone is dishonest and could use some self reflection. And whomever thinks that they want truthful and honest people in their lives, we all need to skip to the bottom line and stop wasting each other’s time and avoid the associated distress.

Whatcha Think?

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