On God

You’re born alone and you die alone. You’re sitting on a marble floating in space, for fuck sake. You’re just consuming and tearing shit up. Why do you not care about that? You’re garbage and you’ll never escape hell. When you’re buried, it will take an eternity to reach the core and meet the lake of fire and brimstone. That is true. Even if you’re cremated, you’ll meet the fire. Burial at see, you’ll meet the abyss. Burial in space, you’ll float in an abyss. All of which is hell.

Now that you know hell is real… do you believe in God?

The energy that leaves your body when you die is God’s way of saying its done with you.

It’s the veil of unconsciousness. We aren’t supposed to comprehend something that is multiple dimensions above us. Its like the micro in your body to you. One cell isn’t going to know your entire being.

Whatcha Think?

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