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Small businesses are often bombarded with various platforms that seem to offer great services at first but often do not include pricing until the site builder is used. Often they do not give the rundown on services provided up front in a “clear and concise” manner when much of the services are based around algorithms and frameworks, otherwise known as SaaS or Software as a Service. And when shopping numerous platforms to find the best fit, it can be disconcerting making these kinds of choices early on in the establishment phase.

Well, as a marketer that is geared to help small businesses develop their brand and find best options for them, sometimes it’s all about baby steps and testing the waters. One to way justify the means is to start small. And in doing so, resources tend to make themselves more available as time and growth progresses. It may come as a surprise but unless you have inventory, a single landing page may be all you need.Take a look here and see what I mean:

iPage site builder banner

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