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What kind of personal growth warrants resume training?

Turns out, whether it’s a resume or a CV (curriculum vitae (one’s life’s work)), you’re competing as soon as you apply. Bow out or bow down to NOONE. Self-improvement is always an attractive and desired quality of people. It doesn’t matter your age. The pursuit of betterment is goal oriented and that shows greatness. These courses are here to help.

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Hiya! Thanks for reading. BUT... If you’re from a big business, please stop reading. If you have a hard time with attitude and personality defects, just stop reading. If you can’t do business with someone for how they live, just stop reading. If you can’t see people as human with all their flaws and grit... this is where you get off.

I’m a small business owner and I am pro small business. My passion is helping small business owners succeed and maintain. IT IS NOT my objective to help you become a large corporation. I AM for consistency and self-reliance as well as niches and promotion.

I have a difficult personality to deal with but I truly am all for your success and I give my word that I will help you get to that point of consistency and self-reliance.

I am independent but I like working interdependently as a team. Or part of a crew. I have a network of professionals that I love to work with whom I can rely on, as they can rely on me. I am good for short term as short as 3 days. And I am good for long term as long as a year long contract.

I am in such a position as a media devotee that I can fill almost any position of media with few limitations. From preproduction with planning and budget formulation to production with creatives both digital and recording field and studio to post with campaign management including bid adjustment, media buying, bidding for inventory of ad space and press release and lead nurturing.

Most importantly, my rates are based on “pay what you want”. And this makes all difference.

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