Happy Easter 2021


We all journey to meet our end.

As a Christian, I have been traveling place to place looking for answers. Not physically. Spiritually. I needed to know the why as a youngster would ask. Science tells us to ask these questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. The more I explored this path of logic, I began to somewhat understand, spiritually. But logic and reason began to fall away to leave me with my faith. I think this is a one size fits all at these crossroads, meaning, I believe that we all get to this point and some either come to understand or they don’t and choose to continue with logic and reason. And I believe that it is fundamentally okay with either choice.

Now I’m not a Bible thumper by any means. I barely read it. So in one sense, that puts me in with the nonbelievers, but in truth, I still see and feel that Christ is the savior of my soul as according to John 3:16. Just not the way the rest of the Bible would suggest; or shall I say, a time of such socio-economical control of people who were forced to obey whether or not they wanted to. I mean, today we have more freedom to understand individually than back then. Literacy and education alone are at our fingertips, as to back then, they had scribes and storytellers that had to follow strict rules by those whom ordained them with such tasks. And the power grab during the crusades did not do real Christianity any favors.

Today, scholars may even dismiss the movement as a means to justify control over free will. Which, in Biblical teachings, it’s one of the greatest contradictions around such higher authority and power. But even with this contradiction, there is great value to be gained from the revelations[1] of individual observations through logical processes and deductive reasoning[2] that have collectively gained bondage through sufferance, whether by direct correlation, direct causation or same and similar endeavors. These can be grievances, triumphs, personal developments, relationships, etc.; found in the compromise, conflict and convergence. All of these things share a human experience that is felt on a spiritual level, whether or not it may be observed the same way or not.

He Has Risen

Or, more naturally, the world is reborn…

As a marketer, one of my key focus groups is sociology. Understanding the burden placed on society. A Pain point[3], if you will, tells us (the producers) where consumers have a need, and allows us to find solutions for them. And unfortunately, for the consumer, some marketers can end up being a pain in the neck by not understanding where they (the consumers) are in their buyer’s journey. But fortunately with growing technology, lead generation and automation have helped ease some of that tension and miscommunication. Not all, but some. There are still money hungry marketers and salespeople out there not really caring about the pain points as much as selling the solutions for those pain points. And worse still, there are a growing number of scavenging scammers and spammers that continue to make the process frustrating. This lowers consumer trust[4] a great deal. And for real salespeople meeting new clients and customers, they have to regain the trust that was never really there to begin with.

What is real, is that we don’t trust each other. Very few people are afforded that trust regardless. Especially in the Great US of A. And this is where sociology and psychology, politics, religion, societal roles and economics are applied, overly-saturated in politically corrected[5] ethics. Almost being counterintuitive, creating hard lines within these parameters of spiritual unity. Distressing what brings us together as a whole, and instead creating resonance with isolationism, or praising introversion.

But He has risen! Or more naturally, the World has been reborn and renewed. Spring is all around and Easter is the spiritual holiday that has hallmarked the meaning of unity and life. For many it is theistically Christ resurrecting 3 days after His crucifixion. This is important in its own rite[6]. But for those whom are not of faith in the resurrection of Christ, they must be of faith in the resurrection of leaves on trees, the flowers that bloom, the rebirth of the earth in its less-holier-than-thou but still ceremoniously appreciated season of suffering (pollen).

No Matter What, We Endure…

As the decay of winter is over, life again, feels worth living.

We celebrate Easter, even if we aren’t religious, for the sake of the children. We do so by adding the Easter Bunny that symbolizes procreation. And we treat eggs the same way. We proclaim the Easter bunny, the eggs and Christ as a wheelhouse for bringing new life that is foundational to this Earth. This is what it means to be reborn. This is the purpose of Lent[7].

We endure. Let us be reborn.

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