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A Service Video Creative

This video contains services that are available by BeaversDen, and it was created with icons from the Creative Commons group and Adobe Spark, 2020.

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Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

SP Owner – Creative Director

I am the sum of all my parts. I am a muse. I am done with being there for those who do not want my help. But for those that really want my help, I’m in. I am committed. And I will take that part and add it to the sum of all of my parts, and grow.

That is my purpose.

A Personal Touch

Take a deeper dive into the creatives of my own. Some personal, some quasi-professional modes of the arts under the pseudonym of Vallis Castor, and a deeper look into the history of BeaversDen. Bear in mind, this content may be subjected to subscription and user registration.

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