A Letter To Luna

I know why you changed your name. I can empathize. But you could’ve married to take on a different name. But again, I can understand. I am sorry this is vague, but momentarily, with some hope, you will know that I’m talking to you, Love. I know I wasn’t there. And I know you resent that from me. But I had to get her there. If not, you would’ve never known her. Not even in the slightest. But let me just say that I know he makes her very happy. For I could not.

For many years, I thought I knew what family was. Little did I know. Little did I contribute. That much is true. But there is a why. Not an excuse… a why.

I came undone. I lost all control and started spiraling out. No safety nets. No love and support both spiritually nor familiarly. That’s where you and I differ. And I wanted that for you.

Therein lies the rub. Subsequently, you and I share a code of imbalance upstairs. A little added ambiguity to throw off the scent for others. But my suggestion in truth. Be seen about it early before making life choices of dire, yet long term consequence and shortsighted reward. Think your options through. No need for haste no matter the task. But please try to remain confident. Your confidence is your meal ticket. The higher it is in knowing what you’re doing proficiently will determine how good you eat.

My heart is with you always.

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