About The Importance of Socioeconomics

We All Need…

It is not always clear what it is that drives the economy. As the default, we say it is simply, “supply and demand”. But what drives supply and demand? This answer is all over the place. It is not clear what drives supply and demand. For some it’s the rarity of an item in question over the demand for it. That demand is fed by marketing. And lots of it. And for the absolute majority, this is not founded on “needs”. They are vastly set on “desires”. Not quite wants but more geared to resemble “needs”. Yet, the ballpark as general consumables that everybody wants or needs ultimately drive the economy, but not quite the price.

Bottled Water

Bottled water, for instance, is not a necessity, but is treated as such. And bottled water is one of the top marketed items sold inside the global economy. And it isn’t much better than tap water, overall inside the United States. Plus, along with other bottled soft drinks, it accounts with one of the top pollutants to our environment. But how has our economy shifted so far away from our ecology? How did Silicon Valley brainwash the entire world by saying it is better than tap water? These are thought inspiring questions to analyze as we continue to address this issue.

Sounds Like Propaganda, but ok.

Having a clean and healthy planet for our children and our children’s children isn’t anything to do with propaganda. Sure, an agenda might stem from issues that arise, but well being should be top priority. And an action plan at this point is necessary. We should all believe we are worth more and that our lives should be treated with respect. That’s not a terrible demand.

Through Hoops With Tunnel Vision

We jump through hoops with tunnel vision. We do it in spite of ourselves and we do so with a competitive nature. We cover up the woe is me mentality with “work harder”. But that is the dumbest way get the job done. We should be working smarter. Not harder. But wait… isn’t overconsumption a huge issue? Should we be working much at all? Not really. We are over working in the name of profits.

It’s About Time

Civilization has its excess of time constraints. Hurry up and wait, or show initiative and get something else done. That’s typically the trade off. Corporate America wants more workers doing more work for less hours just to cut overhead as needed. But how does that fit into the macro?

Give and Take

No matter the relationship type, any and all success is measured by the levels of give and take, from all key components of the system. The unfortunate part is, is that it’s mostly take, take, take. In the capitalist system, you approach a deal with the objective of getting one over on someone else, rather professionally and legally. But it is imperative we replenish the well, before it runs dry.

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