Glenn R. Beaver, Jr. Creative Director & Sole Proprietor of
BeaversDen – General Media

Who I am

Hi, my name is Glenn. I am a veteran and a small business owner. I also have a mental disorder. It isn’t a disability. But at times, it can be debilitating. As a result, I work by myself for other small businesses. And it is rewarding. The upside is that I am my own boss. The downside is that I am my own boss. It’s been this way since 2009. But as of 2019, I ventured out to help other like-minded small business owners and e-commerce owners as well. I only work with small business owners because small businesses are stronger together as partners or at the most fundamental level as a reference point of networking.

This is nothing new, as you know. It is, however, a new type of network envisioned to sustain our own type of economy as small business owners. Fundamentally, together, we are as strong as corporate, but without corporate. No Union, No Corporate, No Cutthroat Capitalism. I’m talking a fair shake. An agreement to help each other instead of just ourselves.

I believe that the day will come when we see that the economy stays lucrative as long as we look at ourselves as a whole, or as a unit. I believe the time is now.

What I do

Below is a list of tags to help illustrate where I am in the marketing world. I believe it’s a picture that will someday be worth a thousand words.

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