Hiya! My name is Glenn R Beaver, Jr. and I am the founder and creative director of BeaversDen. And I love creating media.

Well… I started off as a struggling artist and starving musician….

When life gave me lemons, I threw them right back. I wasn’t having it. Though I was trying my best to manage; it was not adequate. So I went to college, and dedicated my life to the arts. I went from songwriter to producer over the course of ten years. I’ve traveled around and now I am back home in Atlanta maintaining this small business in media as either a contracted agent or freelance.

What I Do

I create with graphic design, music, writing, painting, drawing, videos, editing and copywriting.

I devise and manage advertising campaigns through various platforms, A/B testing, optimization with aim to increasing the return on investment.

I generate soft leads through networking, business to business and business to consumer in preparation for the business sales team.

I help build and maintain relationships between businesses and as well as between business and consumer. I help build rapport, ratings and reviews, highlighting testimonials and creating press releases.

Past Experience

Freelancer BeaversDen Productions
From when I graduated I’ve been working gigs from stagehand work, studio engineering, promotions and record productions. And after ten years, I wanted to take the work back stage to main street.