About BeaversDen – General Media

, About BeaversDen – General Media, BeaversDen

Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

Creative Director

, About BeaversDen – General Media, BeaversDen

Who I am

My name is Glenn, I’m the creative director and founder of BeaversDen – General Media. Originally it was BeaversDen Productions from its conception in 2009. 2019 in the 10th year anniversary, I decided to shift my focus to helping small businesses. I do everything media regarding advertising, marketing and public relations, even and promotions.

Where I am

I’m located just south of Atlanta (still in the Greater Atlanta area). I work remotely and while my physical address is hidden (as I work from home), my mailing address is

802 Fountain Cir Stockbridge, GA 30281

And, I can be reached at (615) 398-0311 or at director@beaversden.blog

What I Do

  • I seek out small business owners that show an interest in gaining exposure and creating a customer base for their services or products.
  • I plan for media buys and sell, publish and network with other publishers.
  • I create deliverables for clients that aid in drawing in customers. Deliverable types: audio clips, graphics, copywriting/ ad copy, icons, blog posts, images that speak the language, slideshows, videos, jingles, voice overs, etc. In house, outsourced or through Creative Commons.
  • I initiate campaigns, A/B testing, run tag management and do manual bidding where appropriate.
  • I aggregate data and build lead generation funnels for clients, nurturing warm leads.
  • I strategize campaign types to seek best cost effective approaches for my clients.
  • I consult with my clients on matters on where to run ads, size of ads and ad placement, ie. Demographics and look alike audiences.
  • I create newsletters and sign up forms.
  • I resell CRM platforms that are tailored to the client.
  • I integrate websites and landing pages with social media, backlinks and webhooks.
  • I am an agent and a quasi-developer. Which means I can help clients create eCommerce sites to fit their needs, extending 14-30 day trials until your site is tailored to your brand parameters.
  • As an agent, I do business on behalf of my client, “the principal”, and make contractual agreements with third parties that often require negotiation and indemnification.
  • I draft contracts, non-disclosure agreements and obtain licenses and permits where available.
  • I create a press release regarding a new business, a new services and/or a new product.
  • I create surveys that lead back to ratings, reviews and testimonials, developing customer and client rapport.

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