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It’s not easy getting rich quick. Actually, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never tried to get rich, let alone quick. Money is nice and all, but the objective of affiliate marketing (or sales in general) isn’t to “get rich quick”. The goal is to discover things for other people that are of value. If anyone wants what you offer, they may either purchase an item that you’ve suggested that has a referral number that is recorded with your information you’ve entered from the source affiliate program, and you may receive a small commission for your efforts, or you may get cut out of the deal altogether and they may go directly to the source… no matter. Again, the main objective is to find items that fit into your niche and expertise that may be of value to your target audience and following.

You could post links and banners of all different types, but you run the risk of being spammy. Please don’t do that. Find items that help build your brand and the essence of presence online. Over time, this will help you stand out amongst the rest. There are other tips and tricks to affiliate marketing that goes with, but that is for you to discover should you find yourself sharing links.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s say you have a business but no sales team and you need to increase your revenue. Affiliate marketing allows you to have a sales team that can potentially earn commissions from your sales through their efforts. As an affiliate marketer, you can sell merchandise and services you believe in without even being employed by that company for long hours of wasted time in the company of not selling anything. You are free to push a sale if you want to, and you are free to do with it at your leisure.

Affiliate Marketing Channels

There are several affiliate marketing channels out there. Sometimes they are vastly different and some are very similar. Sometimes there is delay on payment, but don’t fret. You should read the criteria on how to get paid for your services. It’s often difficult to figure out if you meet the requirements of getting paid and often times, you don’t due to customers bypassing the link and going straight to the source, or what is purchased through your links don’t meet the payout requirements. Just remember to check the terms of being accepted as an affiliate.

Below, I’ve listed my preferred channels as an affiliate marketer. Maybe they will work for you. Here are my top 5 affiliate marketing channels.

Rakuten Marketing Welcome Program

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Rakuten Marketing

I like Rakuten because it is global, but it’s also great for country specific targeting. Plus it’s admin dashboard shows you clear and concise messages of who is new, what deals are going on and how much the commission is for single items and bundles. Plus it has a shareable affiliate link.

CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates

Although recently acquired by Conversant, CJ Affiliates offers some top notch advertisers that work well with niche marketing. Many of the listed advertisers are very selective with who they allow to promote them. At first it seems illogical to only allow select businesses to share the affiliate links but it actually makes sense in an already over-advertised world of commerce. It neatens the environment and creates a little bit of order in all the chaos.

ClickBank Affiliates

ClickBank Affiliates

I like ClickBank because it offers a training program called Spark. Granted, there is only but so little free information, however, the information is solid and requires a little investment of your time and money to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Max Bounty CPA Affiliates

Max Bounty Affiliates

This one is very new to me, but also relatively new in the Affiliate Marketing networks. The format is fresh and has a very interesting sign up process. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just a few extra steps. One of the big ones for myself was the Skype handle on the application. I haven’t used Skype in years. So I had to revive that just to be able to apply as it is required.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

I’m a big fan of Amazon, even though, I tend to frown on conglomerate corporations and rich people like Jeff Bezos. What’s great about it, is you can sell any product you type in. Unlike the limited scope of other networks. Which is honestly why the Amazon Affiliates program does so well. For what it’s worth, Amazon does tend to empower niche businesses or small businesses and allows for freelancers, contractors and the like to utilize the setting to make a sale.

Other Affiliate Programs

There are other programs out there with various stipulations and requirements to utilize their platform and honestly, there are many influencers platforms that operate in a similar way. The strategies necessary for various methods can be tailored to your niche or your own methodology as an affiliate marketer. And you don’t have to focus on just affiliate marketing. You can add it to the list of options you have to create revenue for your brand.

However, you may find it helpful to run paid advertisement campaigns for the links or html codes you obtain from the affiliate network; or you may choose to run them organically, adding a more robust element that matches your style and brand.

Bottom line, the look and feel of the codes and links you share should complement your site without being overwhelmed by irrelevance or misleading nature. And of course, with that in mind, it is good practice to be clear and concise with the intent of what the shareable is.

That’s it for now. I hope you have great rest of your day! And happy blogging!

Glenn R. Beaver, Jr.

Creative Director

Sole proprietor of BeaversDen – General Media

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