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What good is selling goods or services if you can’t track the logistics of your performance. A completely rhetorical question both there and here: How do you know when someone could have purchased something from your page but you were tied up with other tasks. Or better yet, how do you reach out to them and and attempt to make a sale? Or at the very least, gain a contact.

At BeaversDen, we offer agency services designed to advertise, market and track your sales and website traffic. And without analytics, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

With Analytics by BeaversDen – General Media, you get the power of Google Analytics + Daily Heads Up + Weekly & Monthly reports.

Analytics comes with Advertising & Marketing complimentary, but if you just need the data, BeaversDen offers this service a la carte.

Analytics is a management service of observation and reporting information regarding your website’s traffic and behavior of visitors and customers. This insight can tell you which promotion you run is of high or low marketing strategies and demand.

The data collected can be targeted to various demographics and locations; as well as a tool for all services available. This service comes complimentary with either advertising or marketing, but it does have stand alone value.