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And You Are Antisocialist?

I am a veteran of the US Coast Guard. I work and Pay taxes and utilize the VA like it’s nobody’s business. And you know what…it’s socialist AF. The VA offers all kinds of services of taxpayer money. And you might say, support our troops, they are fighting for our freedom. Ok. Well… what about the people WORKING for our freedom? Did that ever enter your mind? Every citizen of the US that works should be able to afford housing (at the very least an apartment) that fits their fundamental needs. Every working American needs access to healthcare. Why? Because it does not help employers to keep paying for our healthcare at their expense while they are averting from paying for it BY: hiring overseas labor, because it’s cheaper; consolidation of job functions (1 person doing the work of 2-5 people); replacing human labor with automation and Ai.

We lose jobs 3x-4x as fast as they say they are creating them. And you’re buying that hoopla.

There is no max amount on how much a person can make. BUT, there is a MAX dollar amount allowed in our currency circulation. Our economy needs to change. Otherwise, there will be no economy. There will only be rich v poor.

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