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Here we are, 2021 with no clue as a society as to what socioeconomics is. We have people whom are smart enough to define it and others will try to explain it, but very few understand it. That is my opinion. This post will not be backed by verifiable data or propaganda. This post is simply a layman’s perspective on what drives society inside an economy as well as what drives an economy outside a society, and how each group within the other averages out across the board collectively. I will address technology, politics, business, family, mental health and geography. If you’re looking for factual evidence or a burden of proof, a good source of information that I study, try this, read more.

In today’s world technology drives EVERYTHING. There is no record of transaction without it. One way or another. Even the folk who despise modern technology has at least incorporated some kind of technology in their business and or home life. Even homeless people have access to it and uses it. I won’t discuss how it is used but I will say that if we did away with modern technology, we would all suffer a great loss. And with it, it is possible to create a world within a world and another world inside that world.

It is within each of us to adapt to society. Most of us will travel 🧳 a pathway laid out by others and too few of us will set out on a path of our own. And it is important to us set out to find something we seek or become lost without purpose. Some of our journeys are long and difficult. Others are pillared by landmarks or milestones along our travel as signs to look for as recorded by others before us, meaning there is a process in by which we must follow to obtain such higher position or graduating level of what some people call success or victories. We do this focusing on the pathway instead of focusing on other’s pathways and career choices.

Many of us want to call our own shots. And we do so as small business owners and entrepreneurs, successful or not. While others prefer to work for others for a wage and a W-2 and 1040 forms on tax filing. With the hope of getting great benefits and incentives for “hard work”. Not saying independent, freelance work is easier by any means. You can just call your own shots while under contract or subcontract. You may or may not get the gig or job bid if you’re unwilling to waiver or compromise with the client or contractor.

Family makes a lot of the decisions based on what is viable for the growth or stability of the family. This brings the burden of security that plays into what demands need to be met amongst consumers. Family and we’ll even consider friends in this because family and friends are important people in our lives. These people have differentiations of value based on your geographical bearings and cultural upbringing.

In many regards, politics shape our cultural relations by either adhering to conservative traditions and customs while trying to prevent change or by being progressive and change systems that no longer serve us while adapting to new ways of tolerance. Politics are a crucial element in all aspects of our lives, whether we choose to follow politics or not. They still shape our every fiber of existence. This too applies to religion or a lack thereof. One way or another, we adhere to a code of ethics in society, politically correct or not.

We could, quite literally, be a society that embraces all of these things while glorifying our differences and being intolerant to another’s way of life provided that we each maintain our own lives independently without dependency or codependency or for that matter, even interdependence or maintaining the moderated status quo.

Geographically, we either see NWO or the New World Order becoming an invasive ideology of world trade and centralized banking or a means of opportunity and development of civilization worldwide. This can be seen in public documents within almost all governed body countries. And vastly, most other countries are collectively held together by their culture and core beliefs and values.

So where is socioeconomics in all this? It is everything we do as a civilized people. It is how we work with each other. It is how we eat with each other. It is how we take care of our cities, states and countries. It is our religions. It is our business and how it affects our families and how our families affect our business. It is how we identify with politics. And it is how we respect ourselves and others. It is how we come together or it is how we drift away from each other. It is the science of how we behave. It is how we relate to each other. And it is how we manage our relationships.

We shape each other’s lives based on social cues and work ethics. All of which are based on how well we look after each other and support each other’s businesses and honor each other’s personal lives by being compassionate.

As we continue to strive for betterment, we alienate those that seem to hold us back. And in this growth, the ones around us fall to mental health concerns. And this growing in concern due to CoVid19. The isolationism that hits on each and everyone of us. The angst that brings us back to being spoiled brats in our capacity of immaturity. Back when we thought we knew it all and life was once a hand-me down social stratification. The work hard crowd telling us as the rest of us were mediocre at best. It’s like there is no room for error or misinterpretation or miscommunication. The gender roles have been diminished to nothing as if there is no truth. It is unacceptable of you not to accept others. This also applies to you if you’re angry they don’t like your view either. This is what we are conditioned to. If things don’t go your way, go another way. Enjoy your life. Or at least try. That’s hard as fuck. Excuse my language.

What we fail to see as a whole is how we directly impact the lives of others by being involved with “the system”. The system being part government, part commerce, part network of sorts, part community and part culture and subculture as well as the currency exchange of money or trade for goods or services. We do not honor individualism nor collectivism as a whole. Most of which are foreign to our own set of values and principles, and with that stems bias and also ignorance and even hate or fear for what is unknown or undesired to know or become familiar with in the slightest.

We have been psychoanalyzing the wrong parts of economics and basing the health of the economy on wealth and business, not as how the system treats us as a people. We have removed emotions from the workplace. Logic and skill are all that remains. We’ve dialed down to being numbers and small parts of a system. And as a result, only corporations thrive. Even as small business make up over 90% of all commerce, we still hold each other up to big corporate standards that are much higher than what is human. So much so that we prefer automation and artificial intelligence to human interaction and compassion for each of our own respective efforts that allows us to succeed in life as fellow Americans.

For an illustration:

If robots are taking the jobs, what kind of work will you be doing right before you retire?
Reducing skill reduces wages

In the end, it boils down our ingredients to what we contribute and allow others to contribute, does it not? We all know we must work to contribute to the economy, but we must allow others to contribute. We fall short of trust, credibility, knowledge, skills and opportunity. We can’t be DIY for every aspect of life. Instead, we must be willing to work for others and allow them to work for us. We need to instill contracts and social compacts of commitment to not just our families but to every aspect of human relations. We need that more than anything else in this world and kindness is the key. We affect each other’s lives indirectly than we can imagine. And that is the culture we think we don’t have.

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