BeaversDen is Here to Help Small Businesses Get Started and Develop

, BeaversDen is Here to Help Small Businesses Get Started and Develop, BeaversDen

If you are a business minded person I am here to offer you my services. You can learn more about me and my company here. I offer an array of online services that will help to keep your business running. I will help you advertise, market your business and teach you along the way so you won’t have to set it up on your own. My certifications are in advertising, marketing and public relations. I can help you get your business integrated with various platforms (such as a website running Google Analytics and an SEO while connecting your paygate such as PayPal or Stripe to get started. My main focus is advertising. From creating adverts like the one below to strategizing advertising campaigns to minimize your expense and increase the return on your investment.

Here’s the thing…

The corporate world has become to big to fail, but too concerned about profits over the quality of life. Big Corp industries ranging from retail to fast food to major warehouse logistics facilities… their real estate alone is taxing on our socioeconomic endeavors. Corporations have robbed us of our time, money, and most importantly, our lives. Corporations for decades have touted the line of convenience and ethics. This has played many hardships against each other and the people blame each other in the competitive nature of mere existence. While profits increase, the workers load also increased while mandating hard work and long hours to pay for a home you barely enjoy. It has put over-achievers at the top of the line and under achievers out of work, while mediocrity slowly joins the poor house.

Increasing the minimum wage will not work!!

We have raised the minimum wage before. Several times. And each time, we have compressed the wages across the board to reflect the raise of the minimum wage. But we never set a maximum wage!!! That has given the room for profits to go straight to the CEOs’ severance packages when things go sideways as they did at the start of the CoVid19 pandemic. Please research the CEOs that stepped down at the start of the pandemic. There is some misinformation out there regarding the who, what, when, where and why. But that is really beside the point.

The point is… out of all the major corporations in the world, not many anted up to match the government’s role in diverting this crisis. Instead, many corporations and subsidiaries added to the stress and tension. Many construction tycoons even took a political stance to spite the government in the name of politics. Claiming its liberal agenda or a liberal hoax. Or even to the point of creating further political divide on emissions, agriculture and the EPA. But at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter.

What matters is the line differentiating between essential and nonessential workers. And many companies have added the tension of WFH while milking the system dry with more bailouts AFTER the large tax cuts from Trump. Of course, medical and pharma giants have been leeching this pandemic too and it should be addressed, but I’ll leave that to medical and insurance experts. And enough ranting… Let’s look at starting your own business.

Locked and loaded!!

We are romancing the idea of some post apocalyptic outcome that is ridiculously asinine to entertain, let alone feasibly sustain a country that would be threatened by the off chance of a second civil war or worse, WW3. Neither is as promising as living off the grid but owning your own business, working remotely from anywhere. What is good is companies like Google and Amazon have relied more on 1099 contractors and smaller corporations to do most of the heavy lifting. And what’s even better than that has been the evolution of the Creative Commons. Without the CC, companies like Google wouldn’t exist. Neither would mine. The world of the Creative Commons can be found in places like GitHub and Apache for things digital and geared with code, AI and machine learning. It’s fully functional playground and ready to go. Most of what is ready are tons of templates and codes. Some instances might cost you, but it is true, you get what you pay for. But nobody can argue with free. As a middle man, I get to beta test a lot of software and apps. Which allows for me to develop an eCommerce site or a website, landing page, newsletters, press releases, apps and other software as a service, such as a CRM or customer relations manager. Even cloud based platforms. There are several options available that allow for your perfect niche based market. And that is the end goal. My name is Glenn R. Beaver, Jr. and I can help you get there.

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