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No matter what you say, who you say it to, where you’re saying it from, with whatever demeanor you give it, its gonna fall on deaf ears if it’s not what they want to hear. The best way to make them hear your message is to make them either love it or hate it. Grandstand the entrance with bells and whistles if you want. Its gotta be receptively universal in regards to relatability. It can’t be out in left field without a purpose.

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So let me tell you why I am here. I believe that I am coming at you from left field, but on your field one way or another. And I believe that YOU have something to sell. So here is my proposal. I set up a little shop for you. I run your advertising, I help market your goods, set up campaigns and focus on growing your clientele. All the while paying attention to your growth with data coming in and out of our little joint site where you can monitor and learn what I know to help you out and you keep it as your own when you get comfortable with it. Or you can keep me on board as your media guru.

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Advertising, Marketing & PR

What I will be doing is creating your ads, marketing your business and helping to maintain your reputation, reviews, rapport, feedback, etc.. Basically, I will throw you a hand basket of toiletries with a roll of toilet paper for just in case. If you don’t like that idea, that is fine. Well flush it and start on something else right away. All it takes is the first initial step and sign up. No commitment off the bat unless you say otherwise.

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