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Calling New Small Business Owners

I need new prospects. You need time and help where you can get it. I get it. Here’s how I can help.


You have a brand and you want to keep it within consistency values that are often sidelined by inventory, sales, spreadsheets, audits, merchandising beyond inventory AND OR, your services.

I know time is money. Every business owner knows that. And every business owner of the traditional operations know it. But often advertising gets put on the back burner or on default settings. That’s not good for business. Especially when you are losing money.

BeaversDen – General Media is geared to create and maintain campaigns and generate a warm funnel for your campaign and leads and otherwise customer and client base. You could be talking to a customer while your organic search rank drops to much lower position and quite possibly puts you 5 pages back. This is organic SEO but also paid search. The monitoring of this activity is worth more than a few hours a week and reports are done on a weekly basis. But this hasn’t even broken ground on advertising. However this type of work requires considerable attention.

Now here is the cool part about my business. It’s 100% versatile. I can do a lot of the creative processes in house, outsource it to a vetted professional network or refer a prospect to my “competition”. That last part sounds silly and it may be, but I don’t really compete. I like to compliment good work when I see it. And in kind, I wish we all succeed. And nine times out of ten, small businesses like my own and like my competitors, we tend to have a niche based style that compliments the prospect’s journey. And that’s the real beauty of small business.

Now there are all kinds of campaigns. Some require talent or tools specific to that campaign. Advertising and marketing campaigns are similar but they require two completely different types of approach. PR campaigns are very specific to a target audience.

Why not?

At BeaversDen – General Media, I’m looking for prospects to ask for help with their projects. I am low profit oriented which I am looking for the lowest cost of production, unless otherwise requested higher cost. I like the 60/10/30 formula. 60% planning, 10% Producing and 30% editing and post production wrap up/ launch.

To sum it all up

I am brand new but eager to work. Join BeaversDen – General Media and let’s talk.

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