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Chemical Depression

Any type of depression can become clinical. It doesn’t take much, believe it or not. Certain chemicals that our bodies create are often extremely toxic.

Its kinda like nicotine. Dopamine is what’s responsible for happiness and pleasure. But there are other chemicals that block the re-uptake of dopamine. Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, nightshade foods, etc. all play a role.

Once you get to a certain level, you become chemically stuck until you diagnose exactly what it is that is wrong with you. And there is something wrong with a person at this point. The process of discovery is exhausting. The right meds are not prescribed right away. Medicine is a practice. There is no cure all for depression.

Even exercise can be stressful enough to put you in another level of depression and anxiety. It is exhausting. But I guess I said that already. Fatigue is becoming, to be more exact. Relationships suffer. Job performance suffers. Then one begins to lose hope. Then there’s reckless behavior.

There is not one single person who wants to be miserable. It is not a choice. Nobody chooses this.

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