What we find amongst the waves,
Along the flood and ebb,
Is just another human way,
To forget and remember
The lives we’ve led.

Lets make no mistake about who is more comfortable than others. Most of us have been too busy thinking about our goals and responsibilities; or more tragically, reflecting on our poor choices in life. So much so that we have the capacity to let it all waste away. Every moment. Every breath. Even right now as you passively read these words of little importance.
What’s to be done for those whom have graced us with a pathway to be taken for granted? We see the work of others in a taken for granted gesture. Not valuing the effort and the beauty of its craftsmanship. It is meant to be felt. As it is made to look easy by its master.
When we get comfortable, we see that we should do our chores. We look around and look for things that needs to be done. This keeps us so preoccupied, that in many cases, it becomes a competition. But with whom? Why do you need to be better or faster? Why do you need such a huge house for such a small family? Let’s multiply that mentality by a few billion. Seems like a lot of waste. A lot of pollution and a lot of poverty. And with that consumption, quality is subdued by quantified trash. But why?

When we are comfortable, we forget about those who helped make it happen. The support in the office. The boss for the opportunity, but most importantly, your family and friends. These people help shape who you are. Even your exes. Estranged parents or seasonal flings. And the beloved companionship.

These relationships are the easiest to break. We come home from work or encounter or significant other after a bad day, and we channel the bad and let it out on those we love. But then, we hyperbolize love, an emotion that’s felt, as an an action in itself. As if you’re not supposed to say mean words to someone if you don’t mean it. It becomes hard to navigate from there. But once you’re out of there, you’re no longer comfortable.

And perhaps, years later, we look back in reflection, pending we still have the time to think about who we are as not only a civilization or society, but a type of people. And sure, we can generalize the elephant in the room dismissively to circumvent accountability. But that is too uncomfortable for most people. Nobody wants to hide from themself. Although, hiding from ourselves is inherent, ain’t it. We don’t really see ourselves in the mirror. Our left is on our right and our right is on our left. We can’t really think about who we are as individuals without feeling lost. If thinking about who you are never bothers your core, are you really thinking about who you are?
Let’s say, “we are lost”. And realize we are all amass a strange marble that revolves in a vortex fashion around an ionizing ball of light and energy. But yet, here we are fighting over the most petty, the most obnoxious things to argue about. Some question what it all means. Some people have grown weary of notion that God or whatever entity wants you to behave a certain way as if it really matters to the universe. But does it?

How We Occupy Ourselves

It feels as if we need to keep busy, but why must we satisfy anyone else? Why must our life’s work, collectively be branded in someone else’s name? The depth of this one is abysmal. We just keep busy in the name of consumerism. Why not be busy enjoying the wonders of the world. Why must we obey?

Its not an easy explanation. But it is an easy answer. Because we are lost. We are so certain of ourselves that we don’t even acknowledge the logic and reason for being on this marble revolving around the Sun. There has yet to be an explanation that satisfies the people. But what if we can come together, not for the benefit of someone else’s profits but our own. Enough to live, enough to work, enough to travel and enough spend time with our families and occupying ourselves based on our own free will and not ultimatum.

How We Can Come Together

As we endure the Great Awakening and this massive paradigm shift, we are becoming increasingly independent and more aware and frustrated and angry at our society. The corruption is bred in the higher class and is a tool to divide and conquer for control and subservience. We don’t have to be slaves. We don’t have to be workers for anyone but ourselves and our very own individualized niche. But there is a catch. Our niche won’t create itself. So what do we do? We don’t have to barter per se, we just have to dedicate our time and effort to help someone that may have what you need. It does not have to be community based. As it sits, we have the technology to move stuff on our own. We have the pool to pay engineers and mechanics for machinery and equipment. We can work whatever trade we want. We can be whatever we qualify in, whatever we set out to do. We don’t have to be governed by corporations. We don’t need billionaires anyway.

We can work from wherever our hearts desire. Worldwide. Your niche, wherever you are. Your product. Or your service. Right from your fingertips.

If you would like to know more, I have answers. I handle advertising, marketing and public relations. And I would be glad to have you as a client.

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