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RULE 1. Don’t Be A DICK, Don’t Be An ASSHOLE, Don’t Be A CUNT, Don’t Be A Bitch… Don’t Be Sensitive, Don’t Be Whiny. *UPDATE* It’s 2020, and the moral of the story is that we need to build our resistance against the weight of the world. Much like exercise tones the muscles and germs help strengthen our immunities, so must uncensored words strengthen our emotional and wit in response. Let it come, let it go and move on. Or deal with it until you get stronger.

It’s past your bedtime if you fall victim to any of these things in bold above. Sleep it off. Wake up in a better mood. We are here for you. But if you come with an attitude of unlikability, we are here to oppose you. Which Brings US TO


For most situations we don’t ban right away. We give the people the power to moderate themselves until it is in dire situations. Which are…


My Post copy (30)

RULE 4. If you are a client and you violate the rules, and are banned from commenting, you will be banned from the site WITHOUT REFUND. No Questions.

IT is SAD that we are in a society that falls to such desensitized and dehumanized existence in a society that is SO CLOSE to making great things happen. And it is sad that I have to create a LIST:


Racism, Sexism, Harassment, Verbal Assault, Classism, Ageism (Extreme Generation Gapping), Extreme Political Polarization, Attacks on Religion, Beliefs, etc.

What Constitutes An Attack?

An attack is belligerent trolling. Its okay to have an opinion. It’s not okay to keep kicking the dead horse. It’s not okay to make someone uncomfortable to where someone feels public berated. If they are not in charge of your life, you have no right to dehumanize or criticize them. If you give them the attention that makes you say something ugly… You got bigger problems than the person that makes you that way. And its public. If it’s on our site. It gets kept. And you get banned. See RULE 1. IF you don’t understand after this, READ ON!

Rule 5. Last but not least. If you don’t screenshot anything from this website, please tag @BeaversDen_blog or #BeaversDen_General_Media when you repost the content you’re sharing.

This rule is a soft rule, and it’s not necessarily required, but very much appreciated.
We are a site that deals in socioeconomics. We believe in humanizing the world. We believe in building each other up. Not tearing them down. Let’s be friendly. Thank You. My Post - 2019-08-21T030930.672

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