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Communication Breakdown

I am often boring, bland, but straightforward, meticulous and respectfully blunt; except, when discussing a vision, a plot, strategy or idea. For example, I work in advertising, marketing and public relations. I offer creative services, manage campaigns, generate leads, handle search engine optimization, data analytics and marketing strategies. Just to name a few responsibilities I take on as a single member media agency. In this way, I operate in a flywheel.

Professionally speaking, I do not sugar coat my own brand. I do not sell me, nor my occupation. Personally speaking, right the opposite. I do sugar coat my brand and occupation. Its what I do with my life. But again, professionally, as an advertiser, I am like a muse. I am here to serve others.

I spend most of my time for my own business developing this website. Formatting, designing, updating policies, and, testing plugins and code. I’m still learning things about web presence like CSS and Python. Making an effort to keep up with this paradigm shift that once was Java, going into Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, Swift, etc. The platform language beneath these words in this paragraph will vary depending on which platform you read it on. And in this way, I learn for my prospects and clients. Not every code is compatible. The framework varies between themes and styles. It is challenging to do on just an iOS. But hopefully it will all be manageable in the near future in the condensed mobile environment. And that is the idea. To make small business as accessible as humanly possible in a mobile playground.

The tools and resources I have available are creative, programmatic, subscription-based, analytical, and much of which are third party platforms that have been analyzed or is analyzed during integration for performance assessment. Again, not everything is compatible.

If you go to the menu tab, go to ➝ Services, click on the drop-down ↓, you will see the main focus services I provide. I am still, a little behind on the availability of page information and I add them accordingly.

My goal is to make ready for the public in my camp. I need a team. As it stands, I outsource to people I know and trust. Fellow alumni from AIU Buckhead and people I have worked with throughout my career. And people whose work I follow.

To sum up, what I’m doing here is to communicate the importance of small business and that I am in the capacity to help as I make progress of my own. I am happy to assist.

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