.... continued from the email:

I am asking for your help to contribute to the cause of advertising and marketing for these small businesses to let consumers know that they are open for business and to help bring in the right people at the right time.  And if you or someone you know could use a boost in advertising and marketing or public relations for any small business, I can definitely help. 

Add your contribution today.

Support and Contributions comes from people like you. BeaversDen – General Media is a multi-faceted media company that produces an array of audibles and aesthetics ranging from adverts, graphics, paintings, music, records, copywriting and jingles, songwriting, music videos, PSAs, podcasts, articles and blog posts. And while BeaversDen is in the creative element, BeaversDen’s main focus is socioeconomics and the livelihood of small businesses and the lives of our fellow Americans being especially honed into mental health and stability. And within this focus, there is an offer of low profit advertising, marketing and PR campaigns; from creation to campaign management. Publishing and advertising; buying and selling ad space; marketing business to business, business to consumer, and drip marketing. To offer low-profit services, there may be a need of backup funding. And that genuinely comes from people like you.


Your contribution to help small businesses during a difficult time. This will help fund advertising and marketing costs as well as being able to pay for that position (BeaversDen). There will be many new small businesses popping up in the coming days, many will be WFH or eCommerce. Every little bit helps. Thank you.


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