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I jumped on the cryptocurrency band wagon a while back. Little did I know about it. I think it was 2012 maybe 13… but I bought 2 bitcoin and a relatively cheap price. Like micro particles in comparison by price to what it is worth today. Early on, I spent one whole coin for something silly. I regret spending it now. I don’t even remember what I bought with it. But hindsight is 2020…in 2020. I can honestly say this year has been one great year for personal reflection. And that may very well be universal due to the pandemic of dear ole Rona.

But objectively, I can say there is a silver lining. Okay, maybe that’s subjectively, but at either rate most of us I am fairly certain have done some self auditing.

What I see in this economic shift a strong growth in digital. In just one year. And one thing is for sure, the digital world is grossly getting stronger and fierce. And by that, I have found other means that has allowed me to adapt.


I’m not saying it’s the best by any means, but I can’t say it’s not. Arguably, cryptocurrency is a little confusing. And because most wallets and chains are sometimes (in my opinion) a little biased to their partners and their own value, it kinda seems in my experience that they talk a good game on rewards program but aren’t actually forthright with their requests or what they want from you exactly. And to be honest, buying full tokens of crypto is expensive. But like I said before… I bought two coins of Bitcoin back in the day for very cheap, now each coin is worth what you see here. And mark the date of this image as today 12/15/20 at 0023 (just past midnight)

0024 12/15/2020 crypto.com

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