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Democracy in The US of A

The really funny thing is we never truly had a democracy. Only the illusion. Over time, technology has allowed us more and more per view of what’s really going on. Think back to the 80s and 90s to now. There was more privacy back then. Plus there was a lot left to the imagination. Not so much anymore. In full frontal disclosure, this is what democrats wanted: transparency. And every year, we get a little more transparent. Republicans, they love privacy. So much so they believe sexuality should not be a public scope and spectacle. They like back door deals/ very private business matters. We’ve always had a mix meddling system. It’s never been truly one specific system at its core. A Republic, a Democracy, a House of Representation…Senators come from a sense of Kingdom, not of Democratic origins. The closest thing we get to a democracy is town halls on the municipal level. And even with town hall meetings they can get pretty particular about how citizens of said town can contribute; HOA, Tax Codes, Building Codes, Zoning and Permits. And even that has its limitations on what a citizen can and cannot do.
Land is getting too expensive and that’s the biggest problem this country has right now.

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