Doge and The Alt-Right


Drizzled with moderate bias but served with justice.

I feel like I should clear the air on something. I realize that Trump supporters, us Bern-Outs and BLM and Pink Hats and Middle Class in general all have one thing in common:

We all think the government could be doing a much better job than they are doing. We all think the wrong people are pulling the strings. And this is valid to say the least.

However, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee in light of BLM and Police Reform, Trump supporters were screaming “Not like that, you don’t. That’s unpatriotic.” That wasn’t good enough. But then BLM was standing in the roads. “Not like that you don’t”, Thin Blue Line Supporters pointed out “All Lives Matter.”
Notice back that the stock market was being hijacked by Trump and his Billionaire buddies like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Major moves were being made. Then COVID-19. Then riots and insurrections. Then a smash and grab in cryptocurrency.


Q prophecies not long ago touted that we will be pushed to crypto currencies. And whether you realize this or not Dogecoin is backed by a meme group associated with Boogaloo, the Alt-Right, 4Chan and other subreddits that are based on dividing and conquering the system.

Yes Dogecoin, the Doge meme and the Alt-Right are connected. And they were responsible for funding and planning a staged coup. I urge you to search all the doge memes and see the relationship of Alt-right white supremacy that stinks up the whole nation.

Now if you look back at 2006-2012, the Tea Party group was trying to do the same thing but grass roots style. Who was the front runner? Senator Ted Cruz. Notice Channel 4 News

The Tea Party split up in 2013 and the vast majority went to the Libertarian party and adulterated and devalued it. But guess who still supported the movement, even though he stayed with the republicans? Senator Ted Cruz.

Fast forward to just before riots at the Capitol

Once you realize these idiots are trying to dismantle this country and rebuild it to the Q Order, making this nation an all white “Christian” private nation, you just might want to reconsider your socioeconomic positioning in this political climate.

Whatever your political party, this ideology is meant to spread hate and create civil unrest instead of ensuring domestic tranquility.

Remember these are domestic terrorists.

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