In Deer Creek

I grew up in this trailer park. It used to have honest integrity. Deer Creek as we all know it. It has its history. Ups and downs. It’s a high crime area. But my neighbor found a body of a homeless girl we all knew to some degree. She was missing since March something. 2021, for future context. Right behind a Good Will plaza shopping area.

I have been staying with my folks to help out with my elderly mom. And often times, we hang out on the front porch together eating or conversing with neighbors like a neighbor should. And we have a few sketchy folk coming up every now and again. My mom has had really strong intuition most of my life, and she would just know if people were up to no good or not. She had that gift. But as of late, she’s hit or miss with it.

I have to legally change his name to protect his anonymity while under investigation. But for the rest, this story will continue to be updated as it unfolds. We will call him “the discovering party”, my neighbor.

We socialize often together. I see things they see and vice versa. But our observation is where we keep it. Unless it is the conversation at the table.

What flips me out, is where my neighbor and a bunch of homeless people hang out and swap goods. Right beside a Motel 6. That’s where the discovery was made.

I never met her but I would always see her with her back pack up at the shopping center near the Good Will. She seemed to be a helper, but homeless. I would only take notice to her when I would see her sitting down by the building as I would drive by. She was a walker. She would often be by herself. But I have seen her with my neighbors. To my knowledge, my neighbors are decent people.

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