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You may ask about things in the nature of advertising, marketing, public relations, publishing, the site, the app, the blog and the podcasts pertaining to BeaversDen – General Media, it’s affiliates and third party partnerships.

How long does it take to create an advertising campaign?

The short is attributive to the depth of planning your project. It can take months to plan an ad campaign. Especially video ads. OR it can take about 15 minutes to create and launch your campaign.

What is a CRM?

It is a customer relationship manager. It is an essential tool for all businesses’ contacts and prospective details and updated notes that person directly to the customer. It is used to track consumer behavior and transactional performance. It is crucial.

What is a CMS?

A content management system. It is essentially the dashboard of your website or blog.

What type of ads does BeaversDen – General Media serve?

If you’re loading your own image, it (the ad) should be sizable to fit any and all types of parameters. Logos should be provided in white, black and gray for rendering purposes.BUT, if you’re looking for branding from the beginning, per haps, all sizing will be consistent, as all branding will be consistent. Merging of brands and renaming shall be forbidden henceforth. Competition ends henceforth.

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