Finding Love

& Dropping It

In the world we live in as business professionals and the labor force that supports us, and to the vessels that help us to elevate enough to reach the ladder for us to climb up on our own… We often lose sight of that. We take this support for granted. But what’s worse is that often we hold a business ethos to ultimate our personal relationships. This seems well and good, but it’s not. It’s business nothing personal. This tells us that we can easily replace each other without any spiritual connection. This tends to clash. Especially when entering a relationship, it’s easy to hold the ones under that business expectations and we tend to forget that love is unconditional. And from there it’s just consuming. Go back to work and produce and come back home to consume.

BeaversDen is a company that focuses on socioeconomics, mental health, small business, veterans, family and dreams. To pick love up and drop it is disastrous. Especially when we end up doing it over and over and exhausting ourselves to the point where we don’t trust anyone else or ourselves in matters that are close to our hearts. This eventually turns us cold in our business and it affects our business relationships.

When we lose that personal element in our intimate lives, we end up losing that personal connection with our coworkers, our clients and our ventures. It is a balancing act rediscovering ourselves and providing for those we love. While it’s important to use logic as our main focus in business, we must be able to feel and be felt by vibe and energy.

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