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I feel like, what I can’t do creatively, I find creative freelancers that can. I journey through Fiverr from time to time to see what project I’m working on that I could use help with. I’ve had help with logos and ad copy and was not disappointed in either instance. What seemed like weeks of trying to accomplish a goal took just a couple hours at most from one source. While Fiverr is good for quick jobs, there is still a need for an agent or creative director overseeing bigger projects. Not all things are created equal. Fiverr vets and excels with verified freelancers.


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My lazy lounge logo was done by a freelancer at Fiverr.

What services are offered by creative freelancers at Fiverr?

There are many services provided but you could find yourself a freelancer that offers any of these services at a higher rate per freelancer, due in part being single subjective tasks. Here’s a list of services you can find at Fiverr:

  • Website Creation
  • App Creation
  • Resumes
  • Search and Display
  • Chatbot Development
  • 3D and 2D models
  • Graphic Design
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • and much more!

So why Fiverr instead of BeaversDen – General Media? You still may end up using my services at BeaversDen, but with Fiverr, you’ll get the best freelancer at the best price for a quick one off project. Most of the potential workload is done in-house, here, but if there are time constraints, I am confident you or I or we would find the right talent and price range that is optimal for both project budget and quality.


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