For Me, It Was Called Conversion Disorder

A few years ago, I was preparing to move. Except, I wasn’t ready to move. One morning I woke up, went to get a cup of coffee, but my gait was wonky. I felt tingly or rather a surge of electricity throughout my entire body. My focus was even off. At first, I tried to talk and I couldn’t really get the words out good. And as I tried to grab the coffee pot, my hands could not get a grip. From that point on, I fell backwards landing on the ground. And the mother of my children thought I was having a stroke. She called EMS and they took me to the ER. No sign of stroke nor seizure.

I did a follow up with my psychologist and was recommended to do a neurological test, an EEG. But nothing conclusive. My psychologist believed it to be conversion disorder. But she wasn’t even definitive in her assessment. Occasionally, and out of the blue, this still happens to me.

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A couple of months ago, I was in the drive thru at a fast food joint. My nephew was with me. I looked down to turn my radio down as I was approaching the call box. I felt like I was inside a dryer, spinning. I threw the car in park, turned the radio off, and I sat there until it started to go away. I slowly regained cognition and the ability to drive, but I was on the verge of having a panic attack. I got to the drive thru window, got my order and parked the car until I felt okay to drive. Which wasn’t very far and I was able to get ahold of myself. But when I got home, I had very difficult time walking. Like before. I went in, sat down in my recliner and just closed my eyes. I lost my appetite, I couldn’t eat, really. I just sat there until I went to sleep.

The worst part is, is that it comes out of nowhere. No warning. No conscious stress necessary. The stress could be subconscious and cause it. I’m still truly grateful for it not being worse off than it is, but the closest thing for me is in this article. Non epileptic seizures. I’m going to follow up with my mental health team and see if this could be something to test for. There’s nothing worse than knowing something is wrong with you and the doctors not really sure what it could be.

This link is what I’m referencing. #Healthline

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