Get Acorns!

For every purchase you make, you can use the change nearly everyday to add to your investment portfolio with as little as $5 a week. There are many ways of investing. And this way, you can save, grow interest (Grow Your Oak), and even borrow against this investment when you meet the criteria to do so.

It is the most simplest way of investing and also provides rewards through the Found Money

Acorns Earn allows more than 300 leading brands to invest a set amount or a percentage of your purchase price directly into your Acorns Invest account when you spend with them.

And this is directly from Acorns:

“Acorns Earn rewards are typically invested in your Invest account between 90 and 120 days after you make a purchase with one of our partners. You should see any pending rewards in the “Earn more money” section within 3-7 business days of your transaction.”

There are a few different ways to earn and investing money here, but this is the best starting point.

Use Your Change and Invest It!

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