“I’ll give You One Marketing Tip, Today”… Let a New Archive Be Made

Marketing Tip 002… I think…

When considering how to start your workflow, start with your email. FIRST THING pretend your email is hiding a Screaming Eagle. If you’ve never heard the sound of a Screaming Eagle…No… wait! The OTHER Screaming Eagle! Well… both are awesome sounds. To me at least.

Okay, so now you know the sound, scroll through you emails and listen for that Screaming Eagle. Either one, doesn’t matter. Whatever email screams at you, MARK IT IMPORTANT.


If you only have one email, you need to build up your email lists!! You’re not just looking for customers! You’re also looking for vendors, affiliates, coworkers, bosses, clients, partners, prospects, wholesalers, retailers, eCommerce site owners…. Etc., etc., etc.

Do this for about 30 minutes if you’re deep in the slew of it!

Alright. You’re welcome. If you haven’t generated some ideas of your own to take charge of the day, you need to go get some, however you get it.

Have fun with Marketing & Creative Content.

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