I’m Heading Home For Christmas By The Grace Of Rideshare… Plan A, I’m There By Morning

Currently, I’m driving for Uber. But currently, currently… I’m waiting to transfer funds to fuel up. So here’s my elevator pitch to you lovely readers.

I’m asking for your prayers that I make it there by morning. “Getting the family together” is my 6 year old daughter’s Christmas Wish. And She just told me about it this morning.

As I contemplate this hustle; here’s my reaction.

Plan B

It’s about Presence or Presents. If I can’t make it, I’m looking at season tickets to Six Flags over GA. That will be getting the family together. For a definite good time.

Plan C

Buy a house on the beach between Tybee and Brunswick.

Gotta have contingencies.

Wish me luck. And Merry Christmas!

Or cashapp me @ $beaversdencampaigns

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