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I use WordPress for the security aspects. It’s not always easy to use, but it offers many options. The workaround is sometimes challenging, but with persistence, it’s quite worth it.



HubSpot integrates nicely with all of my devices and keeps me organized with my clients and their journey at BeaversDen. There are literally thousands of uses for HubSpot but I just use it to maintain deals, offers and customer and client journeys.

Creative Suite

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the main creative applications I use due to Creative Commons licensing agreements. This has really helped my business grow.


PicsArt has been a creative tool here at BeaversDen for over a decade. It’s public domain has allowed many of us to learn on our own through this platform with the occasional tutorials and remake walkthroughs. It is a community of great talent to say the least.

Ad Campaigns

Multichannel Advertising

While there are virtually more places to advertise your campaign with, these are the top shelf channels being that they are the most commonly used amongst consumers B2C. Granted, there are far more involved arenas to advertise with. And the next area to dive in with is B2B. That depends on YOUR business and is more selective. But there are channels that are geared for both:

Email Campaigns

eMail Applications

With email marketing, we can address both our consumer clients and our business clients. As well reach out to make more connections. There are several mail services. But MailChimp is my go to. It keeps campaigns, landing pages and contact lists up to speed.

Collaborations & Teams


I like the premise of using Airtable for collaborative purposes. Not quite teams related, but definitely for information regarding piecemeal information to keep track of.


I like the premise of using Slack for team communication purposes.


Tracking and Monitoring Performance

With Google Analytics, I am able to monitor my online assets, see which pages and posts are doing well, and which pages and posts need improvements.


Remarketing Pixel for Google and Facebook

Adding a pixel code in your website, helps to deliver extra discounts to visitors that show interest in your services or products. It targets specific potential clients or customers that have engaged with your services or products. This helps to increase your return on your investments.


Shopify Developer

Starting an eCommerce shop can be difficult. Having help eliminates a lot of stress. I’m here to help.

WooCommerce Consultation

WooCommerce requires a WordPress eCommerce plan. However, I can assist and consult with vendors, fulfillment centers and wholesalers to get started.

Market Research

Survey Monkey

The best research is directly from consumers and businesses within our reach or through word of mouth. Survey Monkey allots for 10-30% of conducted independent research for many small businesses.


Market research by industry code. Carefully review your business codes. There could be more codes within your occupation, or a consolidated code. These codes vary every few years. Keep that in mind.


All aspects of marketing, logistics, etc.


WhatsApp Business and Zoom

There are also the traditional means of communication, of course. For many it is a preference issue. And that’s fine.

Event Promotions


Selling tickets to a show? Preferably bands but almost all events get booked.

Press Release

Help A Reporter Out

The main thing here is to have something to tell. Finding the right reporters to write your story is the sweet spot. But journalists need good stories to tell.

Affiliate Marketing


LinkShare allows me to find products or services that I believe in and promote them. Not just regular push and grab.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction offers links to promote like LinkShare, but with more selection.

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