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Katie Baby

God’s Will

Maybe its temporary. Maybe its lifelong. But when I am with her, time just stops. In that right, this situation, without a doubt is God’s Will.

I’ve known Katie since the 4th grade. I always liked looking at her. She was pleasant to be around. And I know this sounds like a Eulogy… but this girl is very much alive. And I digress. We went to elementary school together; to middle school together; to high school together and even had overlapping hometown social circles.

And I moved around a lot. I mean…


Each place I lived was just a lot number. But we’ll get into that another time, perhaps.

But what I’m getting at is Katie has been a constant in my life. A beacon of hope, that I’m not lost. That I’m not just out here crazy. A ground wire. A very big root. And she feels that kinda way. Kinda.

Its been great so far… our journey has crossed paths and intertwined. I look forward to it. And where it may go.

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