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First, we ask you to think about how much let it is you want to spend on advertising. For BeaversDen to be you agent, the prices are determined by what the client sets out to accomplish plus the budget the client wishes to spend and not exceed, with a return in mind of some sort of value, which we will go over later on.

For your FIRST CAMPAIGN, we DO NOT suggest DIY Advertising when “Armageddon” is upon US…

Winging it?? NO! Don’t Do it! While it may seem TEMPTING and EXCITING learning about new things, there is a sea of information that you can get overwhelmed with. Don’t go at it alone. It can be proven to be costly and time consuming in the long run. And trust me, when you are in over your head, the excitement fades, and it’s harder to sell your products or services. You lose sleep, you get edgy and savage. It’s no fun doing business with discontent folk. I’ve been there on both sides. Just know, BeaversDen is there to work for you.

Advertising Campaigns

Alright, let’s get into it. There are various forms of ad campaigns. Some of the shortest campaigns are holiday and grand opening campaigns. These typically last 1-7 days. Maybe a weekend ad ran full blast. Sometimes getting people geared up to do holiday shopping early without the cumbersome grief of shopping all at once.

Another common campaign last 7-10 business days. These are typically ads for new products or business boosters. Ad groups would be 3 ads running interchangeably for 7-30 days on a typical basis.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is proven to be the most sought after ad type. Ad spend can be adjusted manually and depending on the data gathered based on previous performance, if enough is gathered, machine learning automatic adjustments can be made (analytics).

Impression (CPM) type ads are for when you want to make potential customers aware of your product or service. This helps to promote your business the most fluidly. Why? Because we can track these clicks nicely. This method is the least invasive at the start. Which is what you want in building relationships. You want to get to know your clients and customers. This is one organic like method. With just a boost beyond your reach. Impressions are counted in milles. You are charged per 1,000 views.


We see that comes to your site, clicks something that grabs his interest and leaves… This tells us that Joe was interested in what he clicked on. At this point, we can create an ad specifically for Joe. Even if only for a second, we can create a retargeting ad with re-marketing. Below is a few links to that can help break down the lingo and show off the various styles.

When you break down the cost of your product and or service, you want to make more by selling your products than what you end up paying for in ad placement.

Return on Assets (ROA) is similar to return on investment but to simplify the term, you could say Return = Net Income➗Assets. However, ROA is different than ROAS as ROAS is Return on Ad Spend over your advertising campaigns. ROA concerns your overall business revenue.

Cost Per Click (CPC)s are fundamentally a bid between competitors (advertisers) for a spot. This spot is broken down by a series of hierarchical algorithms giving the top spots to the top ads. However, the actual CPC depends on just how competitive the market is.

For example. How many general doctors are there versus how many specialists are there? As competitive the market is, the general Doctor would have to pay more for advertising than the specialist, according to the CPC. This is ultimately one of the main reasons for needing a set budget.

The Cost Per Mille Views or One Thousand Views are what the advertiser pays the publisher per 1000 impressions. No clicks necessary. This is only viewable on video and display ads.

We promise to meet the agreed upon terms. We promise to provide you with excellent service. We promise to provide transparency “where available”. And we promise that we will protect your privacy to the best of our ability.

We will strive to keep your interests in our best interests. We provide analytical reports on your data whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually “where available”.

Advertising doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, BeaversDen is willing to do a walkthrough with you and your company to determine your return on investment and return on ad spend.

From there we will create a bunch of ads to add to the arsenal for your campaign. You may choose which ad pitch are right for you and your business. We create with your deadline and we pitch it to you.

Campaigns may vary from budgeting segments. Production may vary based on ideas for ad runs in the creative department . And for the entire Southeast Region, ads can be produced by soundstage, local or in studio. The possibility is not limited these major options, however, these are great starting points.

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