Various types of marketing available:

  • B2B (business to business)
  • Direct (Your business to your clients)
  • Lead Generation
  • Email/ Newsletter
  • Drip
  • Content
  • Branding
  • Delegate
  • Influence

You Not Only Need The Right Customers, You Need The Right Markets and Tools, Too.

If you need fulfillment, distribution, wholesalers, auctions, vendors, affiliates, investors, financial advisers, ANYTHING that gets your business out there and providing a decent return on your ROI, BeaversDen is here to help with those connections. That way you can deal with customers and clients that are warmed up to your business. And everything should run as smooth sails. There are so many options we can create. I’ll devise the ideas, pitch them back to you, if you like it, yay…if not, nay. And there will be no branding of BeaversDen on your products or services. Not even the advertising. Only where there are official capacity to be the author of; director of, etc., but no more than proprietary contractual agreement. Nothing gets passed without your approval.

These are worth a Look

Disclaimer : AliDropship is a key service of Alibaba. This is an affiliate link by which, if you buy anything from this list, AliDropship online store, I will receive a commission. Honesty is the best policy. This link is really only good for people considering setting up an eCommerce store and working online.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Disclaimer: This link here is an affiliate link for which I and BeaversDen could get a commission from if you purchase a product from this path.

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And many, many more.

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