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Introduction: Defining Your Business

Below is a breakdown to getting started. Answer these 20 questions prior to starting to give yourself a clear starting point in your planning.

  1. What are your products and/or services?
  2. Who is your principal target audience?
  3. How general or specific is your customer or clientele base?
  4. Are you doing business in generalities or is your business more niche based?
  5. How much capital do you need to raise?
  6. Do You need order fulfillment?
  7. Do you have a wholesaler in mind?
  8. Is your service licensed?
  9. Do you require further training or education?
  10. Have you written your business plan?
  11. Are you operating out of your home?
  12. Does your business require travel?
  13. Do you have a slogan?
  14. How memorable does your business name need to be? Is it too much?
  15. Do you need a team?
  16. Is your business a trade?
  17. Do you have onsite inventory?
  18. Are you selling merchandise that will have your company logo?
  19. Is your business based on an idea?
  20. Do you have all legal documentation in order: like patents, licenses, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

More to come…