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What is Drip Marketing?

There are various forms of marketing. Technically, of the largely popular in this day and age are e-mails, social media and direct mail. What makes drip catch the intrigue of business, is like the automated, cat and mouse or “call and response” without interpersonal damage in communication with you and your customers or clients.

How is it set up?

For the majority of this process to work, it needs to be well thought out. Skilled sales professionals understand that a conversation can go various ways. Knowing and taking charge of the conversation does three things for the client/customer:

  1. It gives the client/customer confidence in you, the sales pro.
  2. It limits the client/customer exposure to being overwhelmed.
  3. It allows the client/customer time to process the information that you give them.

When setting up a drip campaign, it is imperative to know the details of the sale.

These details can help you determine which direction you want the conversation to go. And often times there are no responses needed; you just need cross their mind over time.

What it is not…

And this is tricky… it is not a replacement for human conversation.

“Conditional logic” is a series of questions that limit the response to multiple choice and yes or no answers. These are utilized in drip over time, for effectuality. If you’re looking for direct answers, these can be added.

Overall, drip marketing is a wonderful automation tool if implemented properly. And is best to be described as an auto responder. But this is set up as a lead nurturer.