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There has 22 years between the two rolled  up and brown bundles of cancer sticks. The first one and the last one. Some people don’t understand the significance of each individual puff of tar that rested a temporary anxiety in exchange for the build up of a larger attack. While there were temporary reliefs of calamity, the out of sight, out of mind issues were all too often disregarded as the one burner on the back of the stove.

Quitting smoking is a lot harder to do than say. But… I did it. … Well… Sorta.

Its amazing how much strength those little broom sticks have. They sure do know how to sweep away the time on the front porch, and on the back. All throughout the house of days long ago. The lingering aroma of Turkish blended menthol; the countless empty pack liners and cellophane just waiting to become an addition to the outgoing mail addressed to the city landfill. The addiction does not care for this regard.

All the butts in the trays, yard around the porch. The tarry walls. Dingy and dusty with cobwebs galore in the ceiling’s crown. Stepping outside became easier. Until the cold came. Or those scorched grassy days. Taking notice of the habit became a habit of itself. It took physical pain that caused a stoop to grind the teeth and clench the jaw, doubling over slowly to avoid the wriggly nerve from squeezing in-between the two discs in my lower lumbar. Enough with subsconscious littering. It was time to stop it. I bought a couple disposable types of vape machines before actually quitting . From there to pods then pods to cartridge.. trying different flavors.. what was once the welcome of menthols became a look of absolute disgust. Word to the wise, menthol and cherry anything vape is pretty gross to my discovery.

I tried the MyBlu, the JUUL and a mod box… And thus, I came to the espial by way of trivial knowledge shared by the few merchants Ive spoke with and have guided my crutch to cutting edge direction. The disposable types are not properly regulated at the nicotine content. And if they are, they are purposefully high in dose. No matter, the JUUL pods are still my favorite pod systems that have nicotine when I am not near a vape store. However, a bottle of ejuice will last me a month for the cost of four packs of cigarettes out of 7-10 in a week’s time. And while I am on the up and up, it’s not tar. Whatever chemicals are in them, at least it’s not tar. It’s been 3 months now. Almost 4. I don’t miss cigarettes at all.

In conclusion, would I recommend Vapes to those who don’t smoke? No. For them it might be hazardous to their health. But to smokers, make the switch. It’s worth it. I personally recommend the Suorin Air device, or the new one that comes with two batteries. And buy at least 3 cartridges for the month. Some are good for 5 refills. Some are good for 10 refills. Some are duds and just don’t work properly. But online the cartridges run for 2-3 bucks a pop. Cheaper in bulk. Nic Salts are another recommendation for the device. Pacha Mama makes sense great Nic Salt e-juice called Apple Tobacco. Thus far, that one is my favorite. If you’re quitting, I wish you good luck.

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