Making it Work

How would you feel if you loved someone and were in a relationship with them, and you were interdependent on the person you were with and someone else outside of your relationship, didn’t like the way you were struggling in that relationship?

People do go through rough patches. And to be honest, if two people can’t work through it, that means one or both of them are to blame and they are doomed to get into another relationship just to repeat that behavior. Often times, one person will have external support looking in, but not getting the whole story. And suggestions become ideas and ideas often manifest into plans. Then the plan is to abandon the relationship, when it really only could have taken a little “trying” and “making it work”.
This positive junky mentality is almost as toxic as miserable mentality. You’re consuming people until they no longer serve you or your interests. Which leaves question: did they even truly care in the first place? Or were they “always” being selfish? Did they “never” make you happy?

Too many people break up just because one of them may be in pain or depressed. That’s no reason to leave someone. That’s fucked up. And that’s all too common and widely acceptable behavior.

Abuse is becoming more and more of an issue than it should be. Largely because people are becoming more and more entitled and easily offended. And a lot of people would rather walk away than to work it out. It’s just consuming us. Leaving us with less to give the next person whom we allow to fill that void and complement.

Many people believe that if you love someone, you would never hurt them. But alternately, we hurt the ones we love the most.

Love is a terrible thing to waste.

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