Making the Connection

It is what we strive to do, one way or another to survive. Some more than others because some of us like people while others, well, not so much.

We know this. We put this in the back of our minds as we hustle and struggle. We vent and restructure. We build and rebuild our selves and resources to make ourselves more marketable. And we tally up all the negative things people do to us, just so we can dismiss them and we do it for growth.

It’s not familiar to be alienated and abandoned but it is common nonetheless. And it’s becoming the norm. On a business front and in the home life. So what we do is mark each person that does us wrong with a piece of baggage. Whether it’s having many relationships or jobs, that burden becomes both a blessing and a curse.

As a matter of fact, we learn the most from failure. And either we displace ourselves away from society or we go with it and learn from it the best we can.

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