Muh Muh Muh My Corona


In the wake of a strange time, it’s a wonder how we come to terms with such a pandemic of erratic behavior. Although some people can predict its patterns with analytical data, it does not illustrate cause and effect. Rather, cum hoc ergo propter hoc suggests correlation does equate to causation. There are too many conspiracy theories suggesting that this virus is a stem from the radiation effects of 5G. As if the new 5G Internet frequencies are the ultimate cause of Covid-19. I’m curious as to how, why, who, and where these conspiracy theories originated. I’m also curious as to how these events may be related to the mass shortage of toilet paper, guns and ammo, now medicine and condoms.
Truckers are seeing a series of events first hand as to waiting to pick up loads from distribution centers. And they are witnessing a more absurd relationship within state lines.

While the essential medical personnel are struggling to say healthy and keep the environment and equipment sanitized, truckers are n faced with a much similar insanity.
While unemployment rises, and the stock market is well below the depression line, the world appears to still be stabilized while countries are throwing trillions of dollars at the stimulus.
Everything we were told about socialism, where people were saying we couldn’t afford it… well, we just did. And we are still doing it. Essentially. And watching the markets do what they are doing is the most bizarre and volatile chain of events, worldwide.

It leaves very little room for the sake of argument, any normalcy will return. The world is all on the same page. Some people suggest NWO is about to take place. As if that is truly a bad thing.

In this perspective, it would arguably in the best interest of the world to come together under NWO. One religion, One currency. One Government: NATO/ UN NWO. The reason being- we are on the verge worldwide to reset. What could happen is a deflation. Wage compression. Merge all laws worldwide and dismiss the laws that are not shared. The cost of living will be averaged out globally. The class system may still be the same. Or it may go away entirely. Incentives would be more than fundamental. Such fundamentals would be clean water, clothes, healthcare, education, OJT and a place to call home. This may end up being a social point system. It may be cryptocurrency.

The fact remains: Why did all these CEOs step down? Maybe we will figure that out next time.

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