New Acoustic Music The Indigo Series

Coming Soon!

A conceptual miniseries album by Vallis Castor. Acoustic music. Coming Soon!
The Indigo Series

New Acoustic Music from Vallis Castor Coming Soon!

New acoustic music from Vallis Castor is on its way and it can’t come fast enough. It’s been too long since any music has been dropped by Vallis. Besides the electronic stuff of course. Just teasers really. Or annoyances. Just a matter of where you are in this spectrum. But in the coming months be on the lookout for updates. It’s coming.

What’s It About?

The Indigo Series is about the longing for physical consumption of intimate cravings but with full public restraint of one’s sexuality. This means that no matter your preferences or how you identify with orientation or preferred position, there is this idea that we should update our social cues when we show interest in someone. The concept is loosely structured to lubricate the listening atmosphere. Cheers

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