Oh I Met Someone and Oofed Myself… Maybe

As you may know, I do Uber on the side. Well, it’s kinda my main thing and most consistent. And usually, not the most rewarding. But, today was a great day.

I pull up to pick up a woman who can’t be named to protect her anonymity. But I will say she had dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and piercings. A fellow server. But that part is irrelevant for now.

What is relevant is that we immediately locked eyes. At first, I thought she was inviting me in by her hand gesturing. I stayed in the car, waiting for her though. I was a bit confused at her gesture. But then, I see a man with a small child. Details are a little fuzzy now, but I’m sure it was a young boy, maybe 5 years old. The father of the child appeared to have the child work his magic for him. Using the child as a tool of manipulation.

As she gets in the car, we lock eyes hard. Hers and mine. I said hey how are you, like I would with anyone else.

How’s your day going is always my second question.

How’s your day going is always my second question. And she let me have it. That guy kept trying to give me his number. She said something about the guy has been hanging around for a while. Asking her to watch the boy for him. Something to that effect.

As I’m driving, she’s talking. I moved the mirror to see her mouth and her eyes.

I was like “damn, this woman is beautiful”. Then intently started listening to her. Then we started conversing.

And out of nowhere I mentioned that maybe if that guy shows up with the kid that way again, maybe get a social worker out there. And then there was a stream of dialogue from both of us on how foster care could be worse for that child. And then the plot changed as if it literally and figuratively, takes a village to raise our own.

I know I overshared. Sorry. I overshare when I get excited. It’s not often these days.

I way digress. Apologies.

Moving on. Hey I can gallivant!

We talk about relationships a little bit. And I openly air my red flags to her. And for a moment, I felt true empathy from a female soul. And for a moment, I felt connected. Like the universe conversation including me in on something good.

She is a server like me. A bartender. I bet she’s kickass. I bet she’s a kickass bartender is what I’m trying to say. She was late for work. How could she have said she was late when our focus started off on the concern for a child.

I hate being late. And I felt late for her. Had I had known she was going to be late, I would’ve had her there early. But she was cool as a cucumber. She had a sense of feeling like everything was alright. She wasn’t worried.

That’s when I thought I had Oofed myself

She points out if we were just on the other side of the highway wall, we would be where she needed to be. She even mentioned bringing the wire cutters for when she could just get dropped off there and save some time.

I tested her patience by asking her if she’s impatient. Or bored easily. She kinda got a sassy attitude, playing into my inquiry.

So I’m thinking…. is this chemistry?

Without thinking of the substance of our conversation, *(the meat and potatoes), I start building my self esteem up, and try to work up the nerve to say something.

I forgot how I got here, but I said I liked her personality. And she basically said ditto, yours too or I like yours too. She gave me goosebumps. Which was weird. I haven’t had goosebumps since Middle School. Not like that.

So, as you should know, I do advertising and marketing for small businesses. I have business cards printed. And that’s the only contact info I have. I told her what I did for my other occupation, and handed her my card. Said if she knew of anyone who had a small business, I know advertising.

At this point, I’m staring at her again in the review. She seems like she’s blushing… but then we pull into where she’s going.

What a cockblock

We had to cut the conversation short because a semi truck was pretty much blocking the plaza strip. BUT… we came up with an excuse. We got stuck on the other side of the truck. I really hope she used it for an excuse for being late. I don’t think she got in trouble. She looked the boss type.


We say goodbyes. I can’t remember how we said our goodbyes. It felt like this conversation might get picked back up. I don’t know. It’s just totally out there.

But then.. plot twist

The first guy tries to give her his number.

Then I try to give her my number.

When do us guys ever leave these pretty girls alone.

I don’t regret giving her my number. I just regret not telling her it was for her.

I really wish I could say her name here. I have a crush.

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