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Pieces Together

What do you mean about independence anyway? What do you mean by you and your own. Yet… you’re the type to be a part of a group or a certain shared ideology.

What do you mean about singularity? What do you mean we must not use labels anyway? What’s this about a collective? When… you’re the type to be a loner.

We are one. We are individually just one. And we are collectively just one.

We are a “civilization” and social constructs based on agreements. We are an economy. And we are an ecology. We are viral, bacterial, parasitical, microbial matter affected and bothered by change.

We are in the midst of a paradigm change. We are making history. But at what values? Can we say that we think society will go back to normal after this? What will be different. We all know it will change, but what?

This weighs heavy on the intuitive gutset that everything will be okay. Can’t even trust that gut instinct right now. Many people think apocalyptically for what’s to come in the days ahead.

For every one of us, we are all just trying to survive the best we can. While some of us are constructive, others are destructive. But neither of these two acts can be defined as bad or good. Or in terms of right and wrong.

While psychology may have pegged certain types as narcissist, its not always the case, but we often see similarities in people and we diagnose them. We aren’t doctors or scientists. Kinda like misdiagnosing a car when trying to decide what’s wrong with people.

We should let the professionals of those fields do their job. And maybe we would all be better off. And while it is important for an individual to seek help when something is wrong, don’t wait until the last minute.

We can’t afford the conflict anymore than we can afford to help each other be our best selves. We are one, in more ways than one. We are not alone in this. You are not alone. We are all pieces of puzzle with some pieces together.

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