Politically Correct

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Politically Correct Unification

1st Entry: To be politically correct is to not be politically correct.

May 6th, 2021

We must stop hiding the wicked ways of the world where it promotes articles of taboo, sexuality and goes against community standards. We must remove the double standards of what we choose to promote and what we disallow. Instead, we must highlight misdeeds and good deeds with moral objection with stances of what is or what is not socially acceptable. Help individuals make good choices by allowing things to exist that are not socially acceptable. To do this, we must engage guidance, not turning it away. We must be able to observe and learn. We must be able to see the examples that are set and truths of this world for what they truly are. Ignoring the truth about certain realities does not solve the problem for the problems have been removed by superficial solutions. To be politically correct is to not remove the offenses, but learn defensive strategies against the offensive, with the least amount of conflict. Promote control and moderation.

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