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As a moderate-independent that leans one way on issues, and opposite on others, I will never vote for a republican until the party has been shaken to its core and when liberals actually start to show signs of overwhelming this country with destructive methods of societal infrastructure. I see nothing in the democrats of today but people looking to help each other by protecting their rights and looking forward to raising their wages.

However, I see destructive conservatives only looking to protect the rich and “job creators”. But to answer for this fully, is it really left or right to blame?

In my opinion, no. It is the baby boomers and the older generations that allowed for the capitalist gains and reign over turning the housing markets, healthcare and education into businesses for profits. And I’m by doing so, allowing corporate freedom to cut back incentives like retirement and wages that meet the criteria to maintain the cost of living and keep a healthy and functional family.

Minding the Generation Gap

It is the faults of the baby boomers for telling us to go to college and be whatever we want to be when we grow up and handing us participation trophies along the way, but then pulling the rug out from underneath us and tell us to grind like they did.

They listened to their greedy men giving them handouts and told us something different.

There is nothing more inciting per the generation gap than old people still making decisions about this country, especially when it comes to the well-being of our planet. It was baby-boomers that started off-shore drilling. It was the baby-boomers that saw that plastics were a good idea. It is the baby boomers defending oil. And it is their proud children that still support such self-destructive ways all in the name of “cost-efficiency”.

But what is it exactly that is cost efficient about our current national debt of several trillions tied to oil, coal, pharmaceuticals, and military? What is cost efficient about working non-stop and not appreciating your home and your family? What is cost efficient about broken homes and excessive daycare bills? What is cost efficient about going to college to obtain a job you trained to obtain but get denied hire or the job gets consolidated into another position, replaced by automation or given to someone whom has zero credits in that field at entry-level? What is cost efficient about 60k thrown down the drain, to never be bankrupt on and wages garnished because it is a federal loan?

What are Your Values Worth?

There is nothing cost efficient about it and it is the parenting style of the baby boomers that led to the state of the union. And we have nothing to thank them for, other than showing us just how fallible we are as a civilization, let alone a nation. Before long, governments won’t be able to hold a candle to the power of conglomerate corporations that were designed and built by our beloved baby boomers.

But let’s not fret. Let’s adapt. We don’t have to get even. But we do have to seize power from them. Or have them to relinquish their powers and rebuild the socialism the Silent Generation gave us. That is the key to our prosperity. We must regain responsibility over our own communities and restore faith in our Fellow Americans. Get to know each other, and remove our bias and prejudice towards each other. Because United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

It is time to push all 60-somethings into retirement. This includes politicians and CEOs of corporations. Retirement should be mandatory. Let our generation speak for itself.

Generation X and Millennials are at the ready to make decisions in our 40s and 50s in a system that has shown much corruption, greed, and outdated modes and means of production created by our elders that won’t let go of the decision making. It is time. The whole point of “civilization” was to push for ultimate civil actions towards each other by working together. But since the Civil Rights movement, we as US Citizens of America have defaulted in trusts. We have moved backwards collectively into the retreat of isolated independence. We could not be farther from “a more perfect union” as the US Constitution has afforded US. Individually, we take. We want to capitalize on our efforts and black ball others for theirs. Get more, give less. That is the name of the game for capitalism in America. Pinch every penny and don’t worry about your fellow citizens. Their welfare is not your problem. It’s business and nothing personal. But all that is a lie.

Economical Philosophy

Currency, is just as it sounds. It travels from one hand producing energy into another hand that is producing energy. But what we are producing is just efficiency; not quality. The quality of life is expensive and not efficient. So where is the value? And by the efforts of the individuals, what is your work worth? What are you worth? Does your work interfere with your personal relationships, your health, and your home? As it started, you would probably agree that you needed a job to provide for your health, home and family, am I right? So how does work take away from your valuable time at home, with your family and your health? Where are those values?

Is the 50% Divorce Rate, Really a Myth Though?

Maybe, maybe not. But more and more millennials are turning away from traditional marriage. That is one extra stressor to steer clear from until stability is found.

It’s not entirely common knowledge for the masses to see that our (millennials) parents has hovered over our relationships. Ask yourself (if you got married young) if your parents seemed more involved your relationships than you did. My parents got involved. My ex-wife’s parents got involved. And we got divorced. Another controlling mechanism that is all too familiar with the Baby Boomers.

Sadly, however, as divorce rates may seem to be going down, the rates of marriage are as well. This cutthroat capitalist society has allowed to cut people out of our lives and just move on. The COL is the bar for which many 30-somethings can’t afford to get married, let alone live alone. The apathy is just too high. Expectations are just too high. And everything is just too easy to let go of, yet we push for higher volumes of production for lower wages, higher profits and bare minimum shelf life of the production just to keep a job. And in fact, for the majority of the middle class, keeping your job is the new raise. And stress at work due to long hours is inevitable to bring home. But you need a job to keep anything that resembles anything nice. Unfortunately though, almost everything we work for is wasted. Just thrown away. Discarded as if it doesn’t matter. All for what? For what purpose? Ask yourself this question: Why? Why do I let go so easily of things that I once cared about?

I’m Glenn R. Beaver, Jr. and if you enjoyed this blog post, press like and subscribe. Thank you.

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