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Start Off With A Press Release

People Must Know What Is Going On

Everyday, people are creating something for someone else. And everyday, people are hopeful that what they are offering catches on like wildfire with little to know calling to the public, hoping that an organic reach multiplies on its own. In many cases, this is possible. But not in most cases. A press release at the beginning is a great start.

Sure, it is likely you will talked about and a reference will be made known, as word of mouth travels like, “I know a guy that knows a guy…”. But unless you’re selling hot cakes or white items during a national emergency, your position is limited business to those who know.

The good news here is there are three main ways of exposure: advertising, marketing and public relations. This post is about the “press release” which falls under public relations. It’s common use is typically for grand openings, branding, beta testing, rebranding, public apologies, new product or service or addressing concerns.

A Press Release To Remember

The reasons for a press release are many. But the avenues and resources are few. There are strategies and best practices that help overall. And whether you hire me or someone else to help or go at it alone with a company like e-releases, that’s up to you. Just know that having professional help takes out a lot of guess work. And however you choose, make your press release helpful and memorable. A press release to remember will help prospective clients and customers remember to keep what you’re offering at the front of their minds. Especially if you have a great welcome offer or promotion. You can see how I can help, here.

If you would like to go with the DIY approach, you’re likely to take time away from what matters most, selling your products or services to your customer base. But, take a look at e-releases and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading. Be well.

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